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Birds at simbird Hello :-)

Birds and simbird... This is community for bird lovers or anyone interested in Birds and Bird watching... You can post Stories and Pictures... Link to Bird site, Birdcams, comment, information, new flash, sightings, tips... or anything else related to birds or Wildlife in the World (UK, US, Europe, Asia, Australia...)

All Bird lovers welcome... my website is simbird.com... http://www.simbird.com includes birdcams pictures and digital photography... with information on building Bird Webcam or birdcam :-)


Simon or "simball"... I am a Artist Designer... Love Art and Birds... Nature programmes... Computers and internet... Bird songs I love... wild birds and wild animals... and got a new Bird webcam in the garden... ;-)

Check out my Bird website, which has birdcam pics and information... simbird.com


simbird is a Bird or Nature related community !

Anyone interested in birds, birdcams, photography, digital cameras, wild life, animals and sharing stories with friends may join

Feel free to join this community :-)